Sunday, August 29, 2004

Marching For A Woman's Right To Choose.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

This is a critical week in our fair city. The Republican scalawags are invading. But the people (10% of all New Yorkers are planning to join the demonstrations) are not in a hospitable mood. We will let them know forthwith and forthrightly that we reject the Bush agenda of greed, war, hate and lies.

We started the week of protest by joining 20,000 others in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to support a woman's right to choose. Despite the horrible heat and humidity the spirit was ebullient. There were so many more people than expected that it took us an hour or so to leave the park in Cadman Plaza and up onto that beautiful bridge. The stairway is very narrow, accommodating only two persons at a time. The bottleneck make the going very slow.

20,000 demanding women's rights gathered in the park at the
Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Finally -- up on the bridge and marching. The spirit was exciting!

A beautiful day. A beautiful cause. A beautiful bridge.

Heading to Manhattan with our message. Bush are you listening??

When we reached Manhattan we joined the rally in City Hall Park. There was a sea of people united behind the idea that a woman should have the right to make decisions about her own body and not defer to the mores of rich, white, older men and their fundamentalist backers.

We called Mike on our cell phone - he was in the Village. He walked down Broadway. We walked up. We met for dumplings on Mosco Street in a shop that sells nothing but dumplings. The "shop" was one step up from a pushcart but the dumplings were delicious. From there we headed back to Brooklyn. We would be back in Manhattan shortly, though. My nephew, Kris, was in from Germany. We were out for dinner at Wo Hop with Lee and Alexis, Kris, Mike and Corey - sort of a mini family reunion.

Tomorrow's the big day - the big kahuna of demonstrations. We're meeting lots of friends at 8th Street and 6th Avenue at 11. See you there!

After the march we met Mike and picked up some dumplings on Mosco Street in Chinatown.

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